Valentine’s Table Decorations – From Basic to Romantic Ones

Valentine’s Day is simply right on the corner. It is really a day to celebrate love and romance, even though you may also do this every day as well. The right decorations certainly are a must when hosting a great party. Decorating the banquet tables as well as the entire banquet hall could be the very first thing to organize, if you’re holding a Valentine banquet party. It’s likely to include Valentine’s Day banquet plans like Valentine banquet decorations, Valentine banquet ideas for food, romantic Valentine banquets ideas, and still many more pleasant ideas.
Whether you’re throwing a festive and entertaining Valentine’s Day party or simply enjoying a romantic dinner at home with your significant other, it’s essential to set your tables to evoke particular mood. Surprisingly, you may find many inexpensive options available that you can apply to beautify your tables for this special day. Of course, you can put your own spin on these Valentine’s table decorations to create a truthfully memorable experience.Flower Centerpieces


What have been long known and considered as the symbol of Valentine’s Day? Yes, flowers! For this sweet special day long-stemmed red roses are the most common and popular. Beautiful fresh roses indeed look astonishing when arranged and put in a fine decorative glass vase and placed as a decorative centerpiece for a table.

As a useful tip, if you happen having several tables to embellish for a Valentine’s party, you may apply different colors on each table, comprising light pink, dark pink, and white.

However, roses aren’t the only flowers you can use as your Valentine’s table decorations and centerpieces. You use any type of flower as well! And some of popular choices will include lilies, daisies, orchids, tulips, etc.

Fresh flowers are absolutely ideal and wonderful. But, you may also use silk flowers as another creative alternative. Silk flowers still look realistic though. And also they are much less expensive compared to the real flowers. If you wish for a simple yet beautiful look, a single rose in a glass vase will offer such a delightful centerpiece for your Valentine’s table.

Balloon Centerpieces


For a kind of budget-friendly decorating idea for any celebration, you can use balloons as a low-cost centerpiece option. It is also true with Valentine’s Day! In this case, you may gather bunches of balloons – in particular sizes, of course – stagger the heights, tie them together, and attach a weight. And then, you can simply set the balloons right in the center of your tables.

For this sweet moment, you can pick latex balloons in popular Valentine’s Day colors – pink, red or white colors, for example – or add a Mylar balloon or two that’s ornamented with hearts, teddy bears, or flowers. As another creative idea, you may also tie individual balloons to the backs of dining chairs.

Valentine’s Table Coverings


A tabletop has its functional role to protect your tabletop, and also a decorative function to make the room more festive.

For this Valentine’s Day celebration, a red or pink fabric tablecloth will definitely evoke a romantic touch to your private dinner. As to larger parties with lots of guests or children, you may choose paper or plastic disposable tablecloths in prints and solids. Not only inexpensive, they are going to protect your tables, and won’t be ruined by food or drink spills.

Valentine’s Dinnerware


The option for party dinnerware can be countless. It can be ranged from absolutely fined China serverware and dinnerware sets for more formal and deluxe dining gatherings up to more common and low-cost ones for larger celebration occasions.

For example, if you are throwing parties or gatherings with lots of guests, you may opt for paper cups, plates, and napkins which are the easiest to use. You’ll also need flatware or plastic spoons and forks if a full meal and not only finger foods are being served. In this case, you may pick for solid colors or choose any Valentine’s theme.

As to a romantic couple’s dinner, arrange the table with handsome fine china and crystal stemware. Many different colors and prints are available that will match perfectly with your other decorations.

Set Up Your Refreshment Table

If your Valentine’s Day party serves refreshments, put tablecloth to your refreshment table to protect from spills and also to generate additional decorative touch. Same color or pattern that is used on dining tables would be the best decision, yet you are still allowed to mix it up if you want to.

Other examples are serving red or pink punch from a crystal or plastic punch bowl, and put chips, dip, Valentine’s candy, and other snacks in bowls printed with hearts or solid Valentine’s colors.

Romantic Lighting

You may play with lighting fixtures to create certain moods or atmosphere to your Valentine’s Day dining moments.

You may set the mood with a few lit of candles to produce quiet, romantic dinners. For example, on small tables, two tapered candles in crystal candleholders look elegant and beautiful.

For larger tables, small tea lights placed strategically in the center of the table are definitely going to create a touch of natural light.

However, when hosting multiple guests or small children, it’s better to avoid using candles for safety reasons. If you do use candles, be sure to add unscented candles for those who may have allergies and to avoid having an overwhelming smell during your meal.

Glittery Touch

Beautify your dining tables effortlessly with confetti or glitter. More especially, this will work perfect simply when you use a paper or plastic tablecloth that will be disposed of after the dinner or party ends. Some ideas would be foil hearts, pink glitter, or themed-confetti scattered across the surface of each table to create more decorative and fun effects. If very small children are attending your party, be certain not to buy or apply pieces that may pose a choking hazard.

Romantic Table Settings

A special day like Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to express your love, your affection, through a romantic gesture to surprise your partner or significant other. At least you may think about organizing a special romantic dinner for the two of you. A well-decorated table makes even a simple menu appear special.

As you possibly know, the symbolic colors for Valentine’s Day are red, pink and white. And most important symbol that characterizes Valentine’s Day and is present everywhere during this moment is the heart. However, there is more than that! You have to consider several other factors for creating such an unforgettable and sweet romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.

#1 – Music

First of all, to enter the magical atmosphere of the day, put a music CD with your favorite songs – mostly romantic songs which have deep meaning to you and your partner. You may play them during decorating as well as the dining moment.

#2 – Table Cover

Dress up your dining table with a simple, yet elegant tablecloth in a neutral color to make the table look fancy. As a tip, if you pick red or pink tablecloth, then you should be aware that the other decorations should not have the same color. A smaller table is considered as more intimate and romantic one.

#3 – Solid-colored dishes

White or red dishes look more attractive on a Valentine’s Day-themed table. Avoid using plates with a design that will clash with the theme.  Place silverware settings next to each plate.

#4 – Handmade name cards and gift

To show your earnest intention, handmade name cards on the center of each plate would be wonderful. Put a short-stemmed rose alongside the card on the plate. Choose a rose in pink or red to indicate love for this Valentine’s Day event. Or else, take into account placing a small present on plate, giftwrapped in a small box with solid red or pink paper, and writing the name on it.

#5 – Napkin holders

Simple yet elegant napkin holders would be the best here. For example, a ring of pearls or a thick metal band with a single rhinestone attached are some of those choices. Arrange the napkins in a basket on the table, one at each place setting or in an organized pile on the table.

#6 – Wine or Champagne Glasses

Even though the drink will be nonalcoholic one, you may set the table with wine or champagne glasses. Instead, you can fill glasses with candy hearts or place a paper cone filled with Valentine’s Day candy in the glasses.

#7 – Table centerpieces

Beautify the center of the table with a centerpiece. This can be a combination of candles and flowers. Flowers absolutely play an important role when it comes to impress special women.

You may arrange them in a vase or put some of them floating in a glass bowl if you want something more strikingly special. Another idea can be placing a heart wreath made from roses in the center with attractive candlesticks in the center of the wreath or tea-light candles strategically placed in a center line at each side of the wreath.

Keep in mind to avoid a centerpiece that divides people or makes it hard for them to interact across the table.

#8 – Candles

Candles are undoubtedly a very romantic detail that wraps the room in soft light. As to scented candles they are able to entice particular aroma and evoke particular mood or ambience. Moreover, they are able to produce a sensuous aura, they subtly light up the venue, and they are so versatile that they can be used in unique ways to create gorgeous look.

You may put candles colored in red, pink, white or lilac from the entrance to your dinner table. However don’t be too exaggerate for you may risk load visual space and ruin the desired effect layarkaca21.