Ingenious Kitchen Design Ideas

Pursuing Ingenious Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

Whether you live in a galley of a multistory skyscraper or a little space in an out-of-town cape, some of these creative designs, layouts, and decorating ideas are going to make the most of a small kitchen. They will help you to visually expand the look of your small kitchen.

Frequently the center of any family home, the kitchen is a place to gather, cook, eat, laugh, do homework or even pay bills, and also share in special moments together. If you have limited space, you need smart planning to produce a multifunctional and artistically appealing kitchen. For small kitchen layout, the matter is not how much space you have, but rather what you do with it.

From galley-style up to an eat-in kitchen, you may maximize your space with kitchen designs for small kitchens. With these designs and layouts you can configure and reconfigure your small kitchen for maximum efficiency and style.



Concentrate on Function

Focus first on function. As kitchen cannot accommodate a jack-of-all-trades – schoolwork, mail sorting, laundry, recipe hunting, and cooking activities. You have to face it that the small kitchen’s main chore is meal preparation. You can downsize it, making sure that you have the appliances and work areas you need.

Some examples can be in form of saving a little bit space by using scaled-down or innovative appliances, this will include refrigerator and freezer drawers and pint-sized microwaves, stoves (some simply with two burners), and single sinks. Here, the most significant one is the function. And if workspace is at a premium, you may take into account a small-scale island or a counter-topped cart which can be rolled into a closet when not being used.


Open Storage

Little kitchens tend to be felt suffocating when cabinets are towering overhead. In that tight space, many cooks are not able to reach what’s in them and that causes overall feeling of boxy and closed in. Open it up. Organize them and trade the top of cupboards for an open storage idea. You can think about shelving, pot racks, and magnetic knife or spice holders instead. This idea will pursue functional role of making your kitchen look more spacious, but also decorative purpose as a display space to show off your favorite dishes, polished pots and pans, or even an artwork.


Mix Up the Materials

You may not have wide-open spaces in your pint-sized kitchen, but you do have lots of picks. In a small space everything really has to work, including the mix of wood and metals and other surface materials. And because your kitchen may be short on interesting architectural details, it’s your choice to add the all-important style via captivating countertop surfaces, cabinetry, fixtures, flooring, lighting and color. To make sure an interconnected look, make a mix board with samples and swatches of materials under consideration. One tip: Applying the same color and style of fixtures and cabinet pulls can help unite a look.


Go for Glass

One of the most stress-free ways to visually expand a kitchen is to incorporate glass, in which you will be able to see through the objects, and hence improving the feeling of spaciousness. In this case, you may try a glass counter or tabletop, tile, door cabinets or kitchen doors that will lead to the outside world or to the next room. Highly reflective glass tile evokes particular kitchen sparkle. Mirrors, in a backsplash or intentionally placed around a room or pass-through windows into the next room, are also going to lighten up the look.


Light It Up

You can visually expand your small kitchen with lighting fixture ideas. Similar with other home living interiors, your cooking space entails a combination of task and atmospheric lighting. Try fluorescent that will cast a bluish light impacting on the colorization of objects in the room, as well as the food. If you want to counteract it or add drama, you can hang pendant lights to create more appetizing color. Also, you may try below ways to enhance the feeling of size in your tiny kitchen:

  • Apply incandescent lighting (which is more yellowish) beneath the upper cabinets shining down on the countertops. Ceiling incandescent spot lighting, when directed to the cabinetry, will escalate the shadowing of the space and offer the area greater visual movement through light and dark contrast as contrarily compared to cabinetry simply shown in the cold blue of fluorescent lighting.
  • Consider lighting from the ground up — In recent years, lighting has also been employed in flooring, shining like starlight at night up from the floor. It also can be applied under the base cabinetry glowing down onto the toe plate.


Do the Flooring

Where do the eyes go when one walks into a room? Often they go down — even right to that dust bunny or scratched floor. This is the reason why flooring in a small kitchen is so essential. Linoleum – that old favorite of kitchen floors everywhere – will look really eye-grabbing in black and white checkerboard. Also they are considered relatively inexpensive option.

Since square footage is diminutive, you may be able to afford a beautiful tumbled marble that will particular touch of the outdoors. Marble tends to be cold and hard underfoot, but the impact may be worth it. Or perhaps you want to try cork, a beautiful and eco-friendly selection.


Go Bold With Color

The color of walls, appliances, counters, stools, or even the dishtowels, are able to transform the atmosphere and perceived size of the kitchen. Pastels or light colors, with good doses of white, are going to reflect light and draw the eye up, making ceilings appear higher, and the room seems taller. Indeed, bold colorations can be very effective in smaller kitchens. For example, how about applying some Porsche red metal cabinets with celery green walls and a banana-colored concrete countertop? That will definitely wake you up and lift up your spirit in the morning!


Embrace the Space

Rather than using tricks to visually expand the space, think about embracing your kitchen simply the way it is. Sure, we now know how to escalate the visual size of a small kitchen, from layout and design to color. But, when decorating a smaller space, it’s not necessary to increase the size of the room through interior design. Why? The reason is that by going with the existing architecture of the small area, you can frequently generate a delightful well-designed comfy space.

Therefore, instead of going light or sleek, you may go for country cozy. You need to make sure there is a little niche where you can sit with a visitor knee-to-knee. Or choose a rich dark color that creates a refined feeling — and use accessories that accentuate that appearance. The kitchen is indeed small in size, yet but it sure is appealing and pleasing.