Modern Kitchen Design Trends to Watch In 2017 – What’s Hot, Fads to Forget, and That Can’t Go Wrong

For this upcoming 2017 year, ‘tuxedo kitchen’ is in, whereas dark brown paint wood and paint colors are out! Further tips would definitely include kitchen automation, painted cabinets, clever storage ideas, and more to create such an on-trend modern kitchen design.

Your kitchen is perhaps the one place where you wish to be very careful about trend options. You don’t want your modern kitchen design is out of sync in merely few years simply because you follow a particular trend. Likewise, it’s better to look at the trends in the way that they convey value to your life and also home.

And, a kitchen remodel is the singular most cost-effective room remodel you can put into your home. However, remodeling your kitchen is indeed such a huge commitment. Therefore, you have to make sure that you will obtain the best return by making choices that are going to last.

As stated by Kerrie Zelly – one of home design experts of Zillow Digs – many homeowners today wish for an open and considerately design kitchen that mergers effortlessly with the rest of the home’s design aesthetic. More especially, this will closely related with the trends of hidden appliances, beautifully painted cabinets in complementing colors, and more. The homeowners want that their kitchen will be adequately stylish for not only welcoming and functional for day-to-day use, but also entertaining one.

What’s Hot? – Modern Kitchen Design Top Trends in 2017

#1 – Tuxedo Kitchens

Bet that you never heard the term before. As its name implied, the style is somewhat simple, typically with white on the top, and a darker color such black or dark gray on the bottom of the kitchen.

The ruler thumb for tuxedo kitchen is that any small accent will be totally crucial to tie this look together and truly make it pop. For example, you may combine your kitchen’s color palette with Tuxedo cabinets in a literal interpretation of black and white, or use other complementary colors like navy blue and soft gray to allow a softer contrast.

You may also pay attention to other little details, such as brushed gold cabinet hardware with matching faucets and light fixtures. Don’t forget using the identical style cabinets for both top and bottom, white on top and navy below, finished in matte, for example.

Tuxedo Kitchen Cabinet

#2 – Wood Paneling

This will be rich colored wood paneling with prevailing trend toward light colors, even white, that will be used on walls, ceilings, backsplashes, and still long list of creative applications. In this case, you don’t have to panel an entire room, yet rather you may apply paneling in small spaces as cost-effective accents. It’s going to evoke a fresh look without investing a lot of work, time, and even money.

Contemporary Kitchen Wood Paneling

#3 – Hidden Appliances

Almost every appliance – except stove, of course – can be “hidden” or disguised as cabinetry. Hidden appliances are constructed to appear as if they are cabinets, with the same design for doors and hardware. This can be applied to bigger items like refrigerators and dishwashers, and also even smaller appliances like coffee makers and microwaves, for example.

The purpose is to create cleaner and uncluttered look to your entire kitchen. Your cooking space is definitely going to be cozier, and more relaxing, as well as attractive.

Hidden Appliance

#4 – Patterned Tiles

You may experiment with many different patterns – subway-inspired tiles or eclectic patterned tiles – within a color range for creating truly funky look. Or else, you adhere to a more traditional, but still colorful in look for alternating patterned tiles. The options are limitless here! As an example, you pursue such a simple project of a new kitchen backsplash, mix patterned tiles with solid-colored tiles, and still many more.

patterned tiles

#5 – Automation

To name some of these rapidly increasing automation ideas are faucets with sensors which are perfect for children who can’t reach yet; lights that go on at the time we enter the room and automatically go off when they detect stop motion; meat thermometers that send notification to your smartphone telling when your roast has achieved correct temperature; etc.


Fads to Forget

  • Speckled granite – Some say that many homeowners look for more quartz, marble, and butcher block countertops which are easier to maintain and preventing stain. Some other say that darker speckled granite countertops – brown and grey – are making their way out. In other words, lighter granite is more in line with the kitchens of 2017 and beyond.
  • Short kitchen cabinets – Short cabinets are no longer en vogue. Ditch them and fo for taller cabinets that will provide you with more room for storage as well as creating bigger and brighter interior.
  • Dark brown wood and paint colors are a no go. 2017 is the year for bigger and brighter, therefore bright and light are where it’s at.

That Can’t Go Wrong

Some modern kitchen designs that are not only popular but staying their power for they address lifestyle needs, convenience, and savings.

White Kitchen

White color is still favorite tone for cooking interior. According to some homeowners, white is their top choice for cabinets (National Kitchen and Bath Association). It is also true with layering white on white, in which white backsplashes under the white cabinets on white countertops. As to appliance exterior, transparent glossy sheen is said as the rival for stainless steel. The reason is so much easier to keep clean and looking really simple, cool, and blends effortlessly to transitional and contemporary styles.


Go for Neutral Gray

If white kitchen is considered as a safe bet, so gray is neutral enough. Gray can be pleasantly cool in sunny or hot climates, just like a breath of fresh air in heat and humidity. However, for cold and cloudy climates, it’s better to combine gray with warm materials, such as wood cabinets, or match it with vibrant colors like reds and yellows.


Embrace Smaller Appliances

Micro-living is gaining popularity for millennials and retirees. For those who own multigenerational houses, tiny and secondary kitchens are more popular nowadays for welcoming their returning adult children and elderly parents. An example for this micro-kitchen would consist of a two-burner cooktop, combo microwave/convection oven, 18-inch dishwasher, and 60-inch fridge.


Quartz Counter

It is said that quartz is the toughest countertop material for it is able to resist scratches, burns, and chips. In short, it is easy to maintain. Moreover, kitchen countertop made from crushed quartz stone mixed with resin is available in solid colors to real granite look.

quartz counter

Rethink Kitchen Fridge

Refrigerator does not always mean a single, hulking unit. Rather, you may personalize your refrigeration with “point of use”. Now, you may have counter-height fridge on your prep island, perhaps next to the wine cooler for the adults, and a juice/soda cooler for the children. Another example can be in form of modern U-Line point-of-use refrigerators featured with 11 shelf positions, full-extension side-out bins, and five food and beverage settings.


A Touch-Activated Faucet

This sort of faucet will be great at times you’ve got dirty hands, or for those who does not want to turn on and off water hassles. It will also save more on your water bills.


Accessibility for Easier Life

  • Side-opening ovens at counter height – No need to reach up or bend down to take, simply slide it out comfortably.
  • Drawers with deep pockets – Base cabinets have developed from back-bending storage for pots and pans to deep drawer space — typically 24 inches deep — which is able to store just about everything in your kitchen.
  •  Microwave drawers – Almost the same with the side-opening oven, installing the microwave below counter height in a drawer means easier for everyone to use. Just open it up put your food inside, close, and start it.