Contemporary Dining Room Set – Some Basics and Guidelines

Generally speaking, dining room is still such an important space in any home interior design. It is a place where many families around the globe eat and talk, although increasingly becomes rare, or most of the people at the table will definitely have their heads buried in their smartphone or laptops. However, dining room is still having a special place for many people in other parts of the world.

And, simply because the idea of a dining room is rather out-of-date, it does not mean that you have to use the furniture which is from 19th century every time you sit down and eat your meals. Why don’t you go for contemporary dining room set?

Contemporary dining room furniture mixes many of the features of dining furniture from the past and adds them with a bit of contemporary design to convey today’s world. Contemporary dining room sets are comparable in style to modern furniture, which is typically incorporating clean lines.

Common Characteristics

  • This furniture is well-known for its simplicity and smooth texture, frequently encompassing a lack of decorative elements or carving.
  • Contemporary style inclines to steer clear of chair pads and table cloths. Instead, sharp edges and angles complemented by asymmetrical lines help to grab attention to the dining room set.
  • Contemporary dining room sets stereotypically comprise a dining room table and matching chairs.
  • The dining room tables are often designed by means of large quantities of material such as chrome, metal, and glass. Many integrate materials such as wood and glass, or a metal base and legs with a glass table top. They are available in various sizes in order to accommodate the buyer’s living space. Some may feature an extra insert, letting the table to extend when there are guests or a dinner party.
  • Chairs are made to match the table bases to complete the contemporary look.
  • Neutral colours are commonly used in contemporary decor and may be combined with a strong accent colour.

Materials for Contemporary Dining Room Sets

As previously stated, you may find contemporary dining room sets in various materials, in which each one proposing a distinctive set of benefits.

  • Glass Contemporary Dining Room Sets

By and large, a glass dining room table is able to increase the attractiveness and cleanliness of a home instantaneously. Moreover, glass tables produce the illusion of more space, thus highly ideal for limited-space interior or home living. Glass is easier to clean compare to its counterparts and is more refined and classy in look. They are lightweight, making them easy to transport. Glass is less vulnerable to acquiring permanent water rings than wooden table tops. However, you should pay special attention to how well the glass sits on the base. The glass should not slide.

Furthermore, glass dining room tables tend to be less expensive than more traditional types. They also have style that seems to better suit more environments and spaces as well. You can pair glass tables with a broad range of decor: glass dining room sets are going to have such great contemporary style when you combine them with metal chairs and stands. Premium quality glass dining tables are heavy duty and thick in feature, that’s making them susceptible to damages and cracks.

Contemporary furniture includes chrome accents and the generous use of glass. This can support to open up small spaces visually.


  • Metal Contemporary Dining Room Sets

Unfortunately, metal is a less frequently used for dining room tables. However, its material is basically able to evoke a more dramatic statement. Therefore, metals are hardly used alone. You may employ them in conjunction with glass or wood. Metal is durable and heavy, thus you need to pay more attention for any sharp edges.


  • Wood Contemporary Dining Room Sets

Similar with metal dining room furniture, wood is also less normally used in contemporary dining room sets. However, dark coloured wood, such as black, chocolate, and espresso is considered as a superb technique to bring a more modern feel to the room. A dark dining room table is able to produce such an alluring contrast to the room’s other furniture pieces. Numerous darkened wood tables are joined up with leather chairs to complete the contemporary appearance.

Shape of Contemporary Dining Room Tables

In a contemporary dining room set, you may choose between a square or rectangular table with decisive lines. A square table will promote increasingly easy conversation flow, whereas a rectangular table will be better in accommodating a growing number of guests. As a tip, it’s better to ovoid round tables for they are most likely having a more traditional look.

Contemporary Dining Room Table Height

The most common table for dining room set is the standard height tables. However, countless contemporary dining room sets every so often embrace a counter or bar height table and chairs.

  • Standard Height Contemporary Dining Room Table

Standard height tables mostly measure 28 to 30 inches high. These tables are available in a varied selection of styles, designs, and finishes. The height is frequently better matched to larger, rectangular tables.

  • Counter Height Contemporary Dining Room Table

Counter height tables, also acknowledged as bistro or gathering tables, commonly measure 34 to 36 inches high. This table height proposes extra food preparation space and permits those seated to the opposite with those standing effortlessly. This height is perfect for smaller spaces and suggests a more casual touch to a room’s space.

  • Bar Height Contemporary Dining Room Table

Bar height tables normally measure 40 to 42 inches high. These tables are the best serving height and do not ask the guests to bend down so that they can obtain a seated position.

Guidelines for Choosing Contemporary Dining Room Sets

#Measuring the Dining Area

The type of contemporary dining room furniture that you select to go with in your home will highly depend on many different factors. The first one is that you need to take into account the size of the dining area at the time you’re searching or prior to purchasing a set of furniture.

The size of the dining room area can pose limitations on the size of table that can fit into the enclosed space. Likewise, it is crucial to measure the dining room before buying them. In this case, the size of the table defines the number of guests who can be seated comfortably.

You also have to always keep in mind that in addition to the table, you or your family members or guests also need space to walk around and pull out the chairs. For a smaller dining room, a square table will feel right, and it is ideal for three to four people. Meanwhile, a rectangular table can be better to balance out a larger room and comfortably seat more people. It’s better to give at least 48 inches between the edge of a table and the wall or closest piece of furniture.

For your basic know-how, most dining room sets are often sold according to their number of “pieces”. Each component counts as a piece. Three piece sets means you will get a dining room set consists of two chairs and a table, whereas a five piece set will comprise four chairs and a table poker online.


Another important factor before picking out the contemporary dining room furniture for your home is your budget. This means that you have to set up first about how much you will spend for this sort of furniture set as you have to be able to afford whatever type of dining room set you are going to purchase. In this case, you need to look at the price tag every time you look for this sort of home fixture.

After you have set your price range, the next step you need to do is find out what kind of style that can be perfectly applied in your dining room. You should opt for something that defines your own personality and that shouldn’t be too difficult as there are a ton of options at the sbobet stores these days.

But don’t worry! It is widely believed that you should be able to discover the perfect dining room set no matter what type of income level you presently have. And, you can’t really go wrong with your dining room furniture as long as you follow your heart and choose the table and chairs that you like the most.

#Decorating the Surrounding Space

In general, contemporary dining room sets will take in a minimal decor. Likewise, they are largely complemented by other lines in the room. As an example, if you prefer to a square table, you should consider a square chandelier to hang above the table. The reason is that matching shapes are going to be a great help in promoting balance.

#Simplicity is the Key

Always bear in mind that simplicity is the main factor when you are considering contemporary dining room furniture. Therefore, it’s better not to be overboard with your choice. Select something that portrays well what you are all about. And, do not try to get too crazy with all the additional accessories.

Contemporary dining room sets are typically described by their utilization of clean lines and their subtle sense of sophistication. This furniture lacks detail. As far as contemporary design is concerned, less is more.